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Seat Options? (Other than custom seats)

Oh dear - the seat good or the seat bad debate.

First off, you may not want to jump to conclusions. Maybe your rear end is out of shape. It's best to get at least a couple of 150 mile loops worked in. Go a thousand or two thousand miles. Your butt still ache? Well then read on...

Many times just removing the stock "butt-bumper" will alleviate the problem. Removing the butt-bumper can be, at times difficult. See How to remove backrest from 400 - or just read this... The stock butt-bumper is held in place by two small phillips head screws that sometimes can be a bear to remove. Once removed, the bumper slides right out. Some members have removed the set screws simply with the proper screwdriver and a firm hand, and others have resorted to tactical nuclear devices. If the heads get stripped, some have been able to remove using a small pair of good vice-grips and unscrewing them a bit at a time. Either way - be ready for some tough to remove phillips head screws.

Aftermarket (custom) seats are pretty varied and include custom seats made by Corbin, Russell, Rick Mayer, T.S. Custom seats and local upholstery shops... This thread is other solutions than custom seats though so check them out as another alternative!

Many aftermarket products exist which may help ease discomfort from the stock seat during longer rides. This list is not complete but provides a starting place for ideas and various options illustrate the different solutions. Some may provide more comfort than others and there is a wide variance of pricing. Some may address certain aspects and few are complete solutions that work in all weathers or situations.

For your bottom:'s review of several types of seat pads can be read HERE

For your back:
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