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While I had the panels removed for my lighting installation, I decided to add a manual seat release cable. I honestly didn't give it much thought until I read some posts about keys locked inside and wondered how I would handle this situation.

I had a nylon coated lanyard from a previous project available which I thought wold work for this application. I purchased it from Amazon.

1. With the panel removed, I then removed the latch assembly.

2. I pulled the hair pin and slid the cable end out of the lever.

3. I placed the loop end of the lanyard over the lever and replaced the cable and
hairpin. I tested the setup by pulling and it worked easily. I then replaced the

4. I fed the opposite end of the lanyard down the side until it emerged around
the helmet attachment bracket. I didn't want the cable to just hang there so I
created a hook catch point on the underside of the side panel. I also added
loose wire ties along the existing cable to keep it close and in place.

5. I applied 3M VHB tape to the back of two plastic hooks and after cleaning the
underside of the panel, attached them.

6. The lanyard now rests in the hooks out of sight ready to be used.

I didn't intend this to be a shortcut to using the key but just for emergencies or if the key is unavailable.


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