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Scraping the side

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Went on a new road (Woolsey Canyon in Chatsworth, CA for those who know it). Nice tight curves on a wide road! The wideness of the road fools you into thinking you can go faster than you actually can. As a result, I've scraped the side on a couple of the curves. If the floorboard portion didn't stick out as far as it did this wouldn't have happened. Just curious if anyone else ever scraped their 650 on a curve (no, scraping the center-stand doesn't count).
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Yes, Chuck.

Lycheed and I were discussing the problem here:

Clik Here

Now slow down!
Thanks for that. Mine was just scraped in two places but the bike is black. Nothing like the damage in your pics.
Mine is black too, so the scrapes don't stand out that badly. The white scooter is Lycheed's
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