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+1 Animal's suggestion.
Marina mechanics (and stores) and I have become great lovers lately. I had a similar issue with my truck that sat for over a year. Idled okay (a bit rough), and even ran (a bit rough) for a couple of miles... until it warmed up. Then I couldn't even get it to start, much less run worth a crap. After a cooling off period, I could get it to idle, and even idle smoothly, but once you gassed it in gear, it shut off. New plugs, new wires, cleaned intake and and and ...

Finally, because I did this for a while (trying to troubleshoot), I had to put replace the fuel pump. They replaced the gas, but she still ran a bit weakly, and the mech said "don't invest much in her, she's on her last legs". Took it down the mariner and a mech down there heard it while we talked about a boat, told me to buy some sea foam and put that in, and now, she runs pretty darn good!!!

Go figure!
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