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Scooters on the Interstate Highways

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My burg 650 with the overdrive in 6th gear will just flat walk away from my silverwing. The silverwing gets kind of buzzy and acts like its running out of breath at 80 mph and a lot of times you have to run that to keep up with traffic. My Burg in manual and 6th gear will run 95 mph at 5500 rpm all day if I could but it has no trouble in automatic mode at 85 mph. Just wondering if anyone had a chance to try the Kymco myroad or the BMW650 gt at interstate speeds, and what rpm they were at say 90 mph.
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My comfort level is 60/65 problem
riding the Interstates. Made a round-trip
to Minn. last month...partly on I-39, partly
on I-90 & I-94. Wis. 53N is like a freeway too.
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