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Scootercade 2004 - Central U.S. Maxiscooter Rally

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The grand-daddy of touring scooter rallies in the U.S.A. with 2004 marking the 15th consecutive year of this event

Name: Scootercade 2004
Dates: August 8 - 12, 2004
Location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Sponsor: Scoot-Tours

For details visit:
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is anyone from this board going down to scootercade? i thought i might catch the start of sturgis and then slip down to arkanas for this rally
Yes, my riding buddy and myself are going on our 400s.
Re: rally

doug said:
is anyone from this board going down to scootercade? i thought i might catch the start of sturgis and then slip down to arkanas for this rally
I plan on riding my 650 down to it from Omaha, Nebraska. I've heard that there are some beautiful riding roads in that area.
rallys and gatherings

I can't wait for are first scootercade. I live in Springdale,Arkansas area. We drove up there yesterday. We spent the whole day looking for the best deal on a nice room. It was great fun!!!We chose the the Eureka Inn on Hy 62 in town,and they had very clean rooms. There's a lot of great places to stay. I'm taking the whole week off of work. I'm looking forward to a great time. We hope to all of you soon.
Doug Collins
My wife and I will be going. This will be her longest trip to date. She'll be riding her Reflex. See you all there!

Bruce Woodburn
Re: rallys and gatherings

doug collins said:
We drove up there yesterday. We spent the whole day looking for the best deal on a nice room.
Doug Collins

What was the price range for rooms?
scootercade 2004

Prices varey a lot. For motels they will range from anywhere from $39.95 & up to $169.00 a night. We went to the middle of the road and are's are $84.00 per night. But we got a big room a large jacuzzi-for-two bath, king size bed, largest out door pool in town, sauna, fitness center,a full size breakfeast every morining thrown in. We ate at their restaurant the day we were up there,it's great food. You also can get a cheaper room there.We just felt like going all out.It's are first sootercade and i want to have fun. We found other rooms in other places for as low as $39.00 a night. But i wanted a room with lots of room,and a clean place to stay. Here is a web site to see where we are going to be. ( )
Hope to see you all there,pauljo & bwdbrn1. Have eitther of you been to scootercade before?
Doug Collins
Springdlae, Arkansas

Thanks for the info. I think I'm a $39 a night guy now (retired - not making the big bucks anymore). I remember traveling on business - stayed in a $300 / night room once, but usually they were about $100 / night. All I require now is a roof that doesnt leak, a comfortable bed, and a shower that works.

This will be my first Scootercade.
I have a reservation for $40 a night double occupancy across the street from the rally hotel
I'm confused I guess. I thought that when you send in your paid sign-up for the rally, they make a room reservation for you. I haven't heard anything back though since sending it in. Do I need to take additional action?
I wish this event was a little closer to the border
scootercade 2004

I've got one question. What hotel is the ralley being held in? Dose anyone out there know? I guess that's two questions. Oh well. :oops:
Doug Collins
Springdale, Arkansas
scootercade 2004

Hi Paul,

When are you heading down to the Scootercade? I might like to go down too. Will you be coming through Kansas City Area? It is about 192 miles from KC to Eureka Springs.

Also do you have to pay or just show up, let me know. Thanks

I'll definitely be passing through Kansas City. My plans will firm up over the next few weeks, but I tentatively plan to arrive on Saturday, August 7th. They will be processing early registrations that day. What I don't know yet, is if there will be other folks passing through Omaha to ride with.

You should pre-register if possible. There is signup info and a printable registration form on the Scoot-Tours site. Right at the moment, it is unavailable, because it appears that they have exceeded their allocated data transfer allotment on Yahoo. :cry: (A message states that access will be restored within an hour though.) They will also pre-arrange for lodging as part of the sign-up process if you wish - I believe it is $38 per night if you go through them. In any event, like all motorcycle rallies I've attended, a registration fee is involved - and its usually less if you pre-register.

I hope you do decide to go. It should be a lot of fun, and we'll probably get to meet some of the other characters that frequent this forum. :wink:
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:evil: I got to work that satarday. But we plan on coming up sunday morining early. 25 days and counting. I' takeing off work the whole week. We'll gonna have a ball. I'm glade i live in the area. Springdale,is less than 45 minuitts away from Eureaka Springs. 8) See ya all there!!!
I've thought about going as well, but with a 3,000 mile round trip, I'm not so sure. Would be 6 500 mile days for me. I wish it were closer as well.
I'm gonna be there. Coming in from Austin tx. I'm coming as a first time Vendor, and will have some Burgman stuff with me. Staying at the Wanderlust RV park in a 20' (yes, a "20 foot") class A, towing a Blue 650 Burgy. I got permission to set up shop at the park, watch for my "MotorMate" sign, stop in and say hello, share a beer.
I'll be arriving Sat afternoon.
Going to Scooter-Cade

The wife and I are going to the ralley both riding 650 Burgmans. We will be there sometime Monday. We were at the mall the other night and saw a tee shirt shop so I stoped in and asked if they could letter one up any way we wanted they said yes so we will have shirts saying Burgman USA and our names see you there.
Paul & Kim

:D one week to go and counting!!!! :D
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