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what's in a name?

Hello @ all,

we have had this same discussion on our Forum over here. People desperately trying to find a new name - genre - description for the Burgman. All sorts of exotic superlatives were created as if the owners were ashamed of their "scooters" and needed an upgrade fix as far as names go.

I think that if it has to be a "bike" then go out and buy what is perceived by others to be a "bike". I bought what is according to the trade descriptions act a "scooter" - I thoroughly enjoy the understatement aspect of my "scooter" when I out corner a "real bike" or leave some sneering motorist standing at the traffic light and when I can pack my shopping under the seat :lol:. I have a powerful scooter and I love ít. And when you tell someone that you own a "scooter" and they raise an eyebrow (or worse), just think to to yourself "time will tell..." because they will be the surprised ones when you pass them somewhere on the road. That will be your real moment of truth - enjoy it your scooter will help you.

Have a great week and hopefully first class weather to go with it.
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