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As some of you might know, I went from a Suzuki GSXR to the Burgman 650. (Still own the GSXR, pretending to sell it :D ).

When my friends heard that I got a Burgman, most of them didn't know what it was. I showed them the bike, and to my friends on the net, I showed them pics etc.

Half of them thought it was a great bike, while the others thought (and some expressly said) "I wouldn't be caught dead on a scooter."

Many of these guys are a young crowd too, really into sportbikes etc. Some of the older guys wouldn't even think about it because it is labeled as a 'scooter.'


My pleasure is out of owning and riding this bike. The abundance of power, the automatic transmission, the plentiful storage space, the well designed look, plentiful lighting, total comfort and all.

I was thinking the other day, that I actually am able to enjoy the ride on two wheels without having to fidget with changing gears, and my feet are free to move around, change position etc. I have more of that 'free' feeling of riding on two wheels actually.

The 'image' is important to many people, I can understand. It used to be important to me too.

As long as I am happy inside, I don't bother anyone, I have learned, THAT is what is important.

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