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Mt. Vernon Rd. I tried to follow him to say "Hi", but got stopped by a couple of stop signs. Oh well.... maybe next time.

This was on Friday, Jul 15th. About 10 minutes later I was involved in an accident. I was on my off brand (CF Moto) 250cc scooter on West Main St. I cracked 4 vertabrae and spent 3 days in Riverside hospital in Columbus.

Totaled the front end of my scooter. Car in front of me slammed on his brakes so hard there's no way I could've stopped in time. Threw me off my scooter and hit the curb with the top of my head SO VERY HARD. Praise God I was wearing a helmet, otherwise I would not be here.

Can't ride until late October at the earliest. Just have to wait and see. I just pray nobody else EVER has that happen to them!!!!
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