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In an attempt to stop the rather 'pronounced' wind noise I get when riding my bike (650), I installed the SAENG Winglet.

Some facts first:

1) I have two helmets, both are full-face. The one I use the most is a SHOEI RF-1000, 2003 model. That helmet is rather loud, but not quite as loud as my other one: ARAI Rx7-RR4, 2003 - this is a sport bike helmet that is very cool/breezy to wear in the summer, but if you want to get deaf soon, get this helmet :D

2) I am 5'9" in height with a long upper torso. That means that when seated, I am usually a good 1 to 2 inches taller than a person of the same height when standing. Or when seated also, I usually 'appear to be' as tall as people who are 5'11 or 6' in height. I'll put it this way for best comparison: When seated upright (not slouched) on the Burgman 650, the top of the OEM windscreen is approximately at the same level as my shoulder blades.

SAENG Winglet Review:

Quality: I cannot imagine a higher quality product. This winglet's build and parts quality is no less than EXCELLENT.

Installation: Tricky to get it all lined-up well, but easy if you take your time and it would be much better if you an extra pair of hands to make sure it's lined-up well. You don't want to mess-up the adhesive install, because it will cost you $25 to replace the adhesives & required base if you mess-up.

Function: At first it was a little strange having an extra piece attached to the OEM windscreen and I was a little distracted. I got used to it pretty quickly though. Before I got to the freeway and still within two blocks of my house on regular streets, I immediately noticed that my ride is MUCH MORE quiet now. At speeds of 70mph, the sound on my helmet is never completely eliminated, but it is cut down by APPROXIMATELY 60 to 75%. I am quite pleased with the results.

Looks: The SAENG Winglet is so high in quality that it looks like an OEM piece once installed. It fits right in to the bike and does not look like an after-market portrusion.

Drawbacks: Definitely the price of the unit, as well as replacement parts. This SAENG product is extremely high in quality and workmanship, but it is expensive.

Conclusion: My wind noise problem, although not COMPLETELY eliminated, is solved to my satisfaction. I like the fact that I can still keep my OEM windscreen and it's 'compact' nature. I am VERY pleased overall.

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thanks for the report.

If a winglet is cheaper than a Givi, I'm going to consider it.

For now, I'm using putty crammed around the outside of the face shield border. This method decreases rumble noise about half.
Getting the face shield open in a possible emergency is however a concern.
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