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RPMS at speed for the 400

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Hello there 400 owners,

I am at the verge of purchasing a Burgman and as of now I will be road testing the 650 but I am leaning towards the 400. The question I would like to ask of a 400 owner is what are the rpms of the motor at speed. Say 70 mph, 60 mph and 40 mpg. What about mileage?

Thanks Timothy
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I had a 400, nice machine it got better every mile, and from what I remember 62-65 MPG. RPM 6,000 @ 62-66 mph. This can vary depending if you 2 up or solo.

I traded for the 650 after 3,000 miles (mostly 2 up riding) 46-52 MPG, RPM 4,000 @ 62-65 mph
AN400K3 RPM @ speed

As indicated:

70 MPH @ 6,000 RPM
60 MPH @ 5,300 RPM

Lower speeds @ RPM are dependent on conditions: typical CVT operation

50 MPH @ 5,000 RPM (45 MPH to 55 MPH)
45 MPH @ 4,500 RPM (40 MPH to 50 MPH)
40 MPH @ 4,000 RPM (35 MPH to 45 MPH)
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Is it smooth?

Hello Jim,

I forgot to ask if the 400 is smooth at high speed. I will probably road test the 650 this weekend but I am leaning towards the 400 because of the insurance costs and other advantages. I have other bikes that can do what the 650 is capable of and so I'm not looking for another highway bike. But it would be nice to know how the 400 handles the freeway.

400 rpm


Check under General Discussion 400 vs. 650. I have my opinion there. the 400 is a nice bike and the more miles the better as far as power goes. They both have their advantages. as for insurance it was the same on both for me, ($75 yr) full coverage. I was able to go (@3,000 mi.) 85 on the highway 2 up. but that was the limit. for short drive on the expressway (5-15 miles) @ 75 mph indicated (closer to 68 actual) should be no problem power wise. It is more sensitive to crosswinds and buffeting, and after a while can become a job. The 650 is smoother, but heaver and more complex.

Where'd you get full covereage unsurance for your 400 for $75/yr?

I'd love to get it too; I got Progressive for $75 but that's just for minimal coverage liability. They wanted $100 more for full coverage/$500 deductible and $70 more for $1000 deductible.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe the age has something to do with it, I'm 50+
Insurance for 400k3

I live in Nevada and have the required insurance for my Burgman 400 and I pay less than $ 50.00 per year and I am 63 years old. I got the best deal from Dairyland Insurance Company.
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