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This is the Rostra cruise control described in Redbeard's how-to (50 pages) for installation in a Burgman 650 -- see the Burgman Knowledgebase and search for Rostra. It is new and includes the Rostra control module, wiring, hardware, and dashboard control button module with LEDs for on and set. All instructions are included.

I started to install this on my 2011 Exec, but hit a roadblock, not due to Redbeard's instructions, but due to the accessories that I had installed on the front of my top box. I would need to replace the top box (with the two cubbies), or leave three large holes or buy a new top box. Neither was an acceptable option. BTW, taking off all of the plastic pieces was not hard at all.

I bent the bracket per Redbeard's' instructions. I also found a better way to bolt it on. Instead of fussing with a nut a washer, I put the bolt through the bracket and threaded it into the security lock bolt caged nut. I could still use a 10 mm wrench to do the final tightening. Then, I would have put a nut on the end of the bolt where the security bolt's head had been. I checked all of the clearances required for the installation and Redbeard's instructions are right on. It's pretty straightforward to install.

Price is $165 including UPS shipping to the continental United States. Before asking, no I will not ship outside of this area.

My cost was $230 and so this price is a bargain. I'll send payment instructions. PM me if interested or if you have questions.
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