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My wife and I rode 2-up Saturday over the Colorado National Monument, which is just a few minutes out of Grand Junction, where we live. While it was a nice ride, there was a :shock: moment or two, as there is still a fair amount of sand on some of the curves from winter. After getting pretty squirrelly once, which included an instinctively put-down foot touching the pavement and smacking the lower foot guard (cracking it...the guard, not the foot :oops: ) we made the rest of the ride much more conservatively. Even so, there were curves where various amounts of sand seemed to predominate, making passage less comfortable than I'd like. We've made the ride before and highly recommend it but, would also recommend waiting until later in the season to give traffic more time to clear the sand. The Monument has LOTS of curvies and LOTS of spectacular views :!: Here is a picture taken from one of the turnoffs, and a map which gives a good idea as to how curvy it is:

[attachment=0:gxvjh3vu]Monument Pic & Map.jpg[/attachment:gxvjh3vu]
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