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Been riding the Burger for the past 3 monthes.

Two nights ago, I put the wife on the Goldwing and we rode over a mountain pass to the next town. I found that I was having a hard time keep a smooth line in the corners. I was pleased to find
that I still remembered to use the clutch and foot brake to
make this bike go and stop. You don't loose some things with
thirty years of riding. I was surprised at the loud clunk
and whirr when I was shifting. It felt kind of primitive after
riding with an automatic. I chalked up the poor riding to old

I took the same ride last night on the Burger and found I was carving
smooth lines through all the corners. Mmm.

I beleive the fact is that the tires are different sizes was the reason
for my troubles with cornering the Wing. I got used to the smaller
wheel geometry and was tending to over steer with the larger wheel

So in a nut shell, no problem switching back and forth with the different
controls. Definetly a bit of a problem dealing with the different steering
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