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Rider magazine - November '04 Issue

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Just received the latest issue of Rider magazine in the mail today.

There was a small write-up on the purchase of Aprilia by Piaggio, and right next to it was a small write-up on the Piaggio X-9 scooter. They noted that the Piaggio X-9 is primary competition for the Aprilia 500cc scoots, and were curious how that would play out. They also mentioned that scooter sales are going up by approximately 20% each year in the USA.

Not a lot of scooter content, but something.
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I wonder why they did not review the most common maxi scooters first, Burgmans, SW, Reflex, and Helix?
Who advertises with them? Follow the money.
The write up was in a section Rider calls "Kickstarts", where they mention new items and products. The X9 and the purchase of Aprilia by Piaggio got as much space as the new 2005 Triumphs, the 2005 Suzuki GSX-1000, that Harley is going to offer ABS on their police bikes and Polaris' 50th Anniversary. I quit keeping the back issues of Rider, but I remember they've done articles on the mega scoots before. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Atlantic model

Interesting to note that the Ride To Work people have usesd and Italjet Dragster scooter on their publicity for the 14th Annual Ride To Work Day.

It wasn't really a review. Just a couple of paragraphs of product description in a section called "Kick Starts", which are basically blurbs about this and that related to motorcycling. No Ads by Piaggio in this issue.

Rider magazine had one of the earliest full tests on the Burgman 650 last year. It was one thing that got me interested enough to go look at the scooter and eventually purchase it.
The X9 looks like an interesting scooter and mite be competition for the Burgman
except I don't like the 60" wheelbase or the 30.7" seat height.
But then I'm not really impartial either :lol: .
Two wheel Tuesday this week had a bit on Aprilia

The bit basically showed different bikes in assembly and short bits from Italy and Atlanta with Tom McDonald about how the plan is to grow the business in the U.S. Some of the notable points were,.

Piaggio will benefit from large road bike leadership Aprilia has. Aprilia will benefit from leadership Piaggio has in scooter business. And of course Aprilia will benefit from financial backing Piaggio provides. nothing new

It was cool to see the assembly however. That was the best part.

I doubt very seriously if the Atlantic changes much. It is a sweet scoot as it is now.
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