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I just put another 60 miles on my Burgman 650 a little while ago. I found a county road that I had never been on before and started driving. I was decked out in my full face helmet (which saved my face from an untold number of "love bugs"), summer riding jacket and my new summer riding pants. The air flow was very good, of course not as good as wearing shorts, but very nice to feel the wind on my legs. The jacket is also mesh with armor in all the right places. Wind flow was very good too.

In my short trip I saw several bikers who were riding with no protection at all. Anyway, all of them acknowleged with a nod or a wave. Saw some who happened to stop at a rest stop where I was. They were nice folks too.

I should be hitting 1000 miles sometime this week. Man, what a great ride the Burgman is. :D


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I have about ten thousand lovebugs cruisin up an outta my yard. Just paid 70 bux to have the car waxed and washed but it drove to Memphis TN the very next day. Love bug soup. :(

Well - it IS protein when you swallow a few.


A spring-time South East thing...


my cool feeling mesh armour "coat" has been a godsend.

also - since i wear shatter-proof progressive lense glasses, i ditched my face flip sheld thing all together. going with an open face full face.

medz, uh, pedz... 8)
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