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Came across this article. Found it here:

The Suzuki AN400K2 used to be the biggest thing around but the latest version of the Burgman (Sky Wave) felt positively sprightly although it isn’t physically much smaller than the others. In fact, it has a longer wheelbase than both the X9 and the T-Max, but tips the scales at a mere 179 kgs. Although its actually only 385cc, the Suzi was a pleasure to be reacquainted with. The latest Burgman has benefited from lessons learned with the X and Y models and the other manufacturers could learn a few things from the result.

It obviously can’t keep up with the bigger boys on the motorway if they’re being ridden hard but holds its own on twistier roads without embarrassment. It turns in quicker than either the Yamaha or the Silver Wing, and with a lower center of gravity than the Piaggio it’s much easier to get to grips with quickly.

It’s comfortable to ride with good legroom for two, decent grab rails and a backrest for both rider and company so they don’t really have to hold on at all if they don’t want to. Storage wise, the new Burgman now matches the Silver Wing _ they are the only ones able to hold 2 full-face helmets beneath the seats. The 2-cubby holes up front are identical to the earlier models.

As you might expect the Suzuki is the slowest accelerating of the four as well as being slowest overall but will still pull to a respectable 90mph plus, and returned 60mpg overall. However, its lack of power sees its performance stammering when loaded with luggage or an extra person. A situation which also doesn’t help its brakes. Linked, like all but the Yamaha’s, the right front lever is about as weak as a wilting lettuce with the left front/rear one necessarily coming to play to make up for its partner’s short-comings. The levers are also spongy to the touch so feel is initially deceiving, but once used to them. I actually preferred the Burger’s (short for Burgman) brakes to the Piaggio’s.

Screen protection is the worst of the lot though. Its not adjustable and affords you little respite from the noise of the wind, even with this year’s additional front venting to help reduce turbulence behind the screen (but there is actually a ‘hidden’ vent adjustment lever). The Suzuki’s single cylinder motor is noisy as well. So much so that on the motorway the other riders were able to hear it above the noise of their own mounts, the wind, and the other vehicles. So the choice you have is to sit upright and cope with the wind noise clamouring in your ears or duck down below the screen where you’re greeted with the heavy sound of the engine. It’s one or the other, unless you wear plugs or slow down.

Other attributes worth a mention are the magnetic ignition locks that’s surely foiled loads of T-leaves and the Datatagging as standard, making it even less desirable to crooks. The bigger boot now has the light in the roof of the seat, so it’s no longer obscured the second you put anything bulky in.
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