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VG question Randy. Now - lemme think a bit here.....uh....

Well now, I'd guess that, :roll: ......


obviously, most of the patrons of our glorious Walmarts aren't "Burgman USA Forums" subscribers!

ayund...., imho...

The 30 bucks is:
History, baby!,

Sigh, just plain 'ol vapor.

but hey - who knows!? it may be there, with a smiling associate handing it back to you while saying how great the day is and how nice allllll these people are! :twisted:

I swore off that **** place many years ago. I only go there if I have to make a military-type move to/on a product. Search, seek, and consume!


I LOATH the whole...uh, consumer, I'm bored-so-lets-go-spend-money thing!


ooo! doll garnit. there i go again!

Gemme a good flea market and a (btw - i don't have one of the "chained variety"...) well, chained / slash / attached ... uh....wallet. :oops:

You just hafta LOVE WALLY WORLD!

NOT! :twisted:

I'll shut up now....



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No doubt; it's gone :(
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