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Howdy guys, it's been a few years since I was here as I'm returning as a soon to be Burgman owner again. My last Burgman was a 2003 AN 400 and previously owned a 2006/650. I had wanted to enter the world of 2 up touring and bought a Goldwing, had it triked and pulled a trailer. We got a few trips in and then my wife says she doesn't want to do any more long distance rides. So the GW is for sale and now I'm looking for another 650 and hopefully an Executive. One of my favorite solo trips was with Craig and Robin back in 2008 when we did a 3000 mile trip from Texas to Colorado on our 650's. I've been riding with them from time to time on my GW and they're still a hard bunch to keep up with. There's some fine looking bikes here in the Classifieds as I'm looking and shopping now. Hopefully I'll be joining your ranks soon as a new Burgman owner. Here's a parting shot of my big rig before it goes. Here's the CL listing.

Dan Bowman


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