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Replacing a burnt out headlight bulb on a Suzuki Burgman 400

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Replacing a burnt out headlight bulb on a Suzuki Burgman 400.

1. Sit on a low stool in front of, and facing, the scooter, almost as if you where about to milk a cow. If no stool is available, a case of beer will work also. Stick your hand up behind the front Tupperware cowling and feel for the electrical connector attached to the back of the burnt out bulb. Yank it off.

2. Grab the little tab on the round rubber cowling thingy that protects the bulb from crap getting on the bulb and dripping into the chromy headlight reflector area. Yank it out.

3. With your fingers, take two or three minutes to feel around for the little metal springy clip that holds the bulb in place. You’ll know you’ve found it when its sharp end cuts into your finger. Play with the clip for another five or six minutes until you figure out how to unlatch it.

4. Now, here’s the tricky part. Yank out the bulb, but do not, I repeat, do not allow the bulb to slip out of your fingers (now numb and bloody from playing with that clip thing). If you allow it to slip out of your fingers, it will immediately drop into this huge canyon of a hole between the outer and inner panels of the plastic fairing on the side of your scooter and tumble down into the chasm, until reaching its resting point deep down near the floorboard.

Try to reach in and pull it out. If that fails, call your wife to the garage and have her give it a try. “Honey, your hands are smaller than mine.”

If she can’t reach it either, you have two choices. Figure out how to remove the entire outer panel to retrieve the bulb, or just forget about it and leave it there. I mean, who will ever know? (Flash forward five years. You’ve traded in the 400 for a Burgman 1250 and the buyer of your old 400 decides to do some repair work. “Hey, Martha, looky here. I took off this fairing piece and look what I found. Some idiot must have dropped a burnt out bulb down here.”

Installing the new bulb:

Reverse the process, but don’t, I repeat don’t, allow the bulb to slip out of your fingers.

- Tom

A True Life Story
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With several people's help, I answered my own question. The 2007 model uses only one low beam headlight. I wasted $8.50 for a new bulb but I did learn how to change the bulb in the event that I ever need to. Sure made me feel dumb though. What do you tell the policeman when he stops you for a burnt out headlight? I can just hear the policeman now saying "Yeah, sure!" :idea:
Several '07 400 owners have done the mod to have both headlights lit when on low beam.
Help Replacing a headlight bulb on a Burgman 650

Hello group I have a 2003 Burgman 650 with 14,000miles and yes Only 1 headlight is Out so I would Like your help On replacing both headlights... Has anyone put in those new Blueheadlights on a burgman was told they are much Brighter???? Please post Step By step directions on this and some nice photo's thanks for your Help :bigsmurf:
Re: Help Replacing a headlight bulb on a Burgman 650

Tony In Harrisburg Pa said:
Hello group I have a 2003 Burgman 650
This older thread should help
Does anyone know what to feel for and how to do the running lights?
I take it you're referring to the little bulbs between the main headlight and the turn signals? Those are very much a pain to get to. When you feel for them, the back of the socket has a thin rectangular profile to it. You'll need a pair of 45 degree needle nose pliers or really small hands to get a good grip on the back of them. They are in there tight and loosen counterclockwise. If need be you can remove the windshield and dash piece under it and try to get at them from the top. Either way it can be tricky...
Thank you, that was exactly what I had needed. I was afraid of damging something if I just tried to rotate it not knowing if that would even do it.
JT said:
Several '07 400 owners have done the mod to have both headlights lit when on low beam.
HI What bulb (high or low) do I have to replace to have both light burn when on low. What is the best bulb to buy for this?
Thanks for any help. Also I would like to get in touch with John by phone or e-mail as we both seem to live in Jacksonville,Florida My phone number [email protected].
There are several ways to go about it as has been discussed in the following threads:

400 Head light question

07 Burgman 400 Headlights

K7 headlights.....?????
I just replaced my Burgman 400 headlight bulb, and I discovered a little trick that helped me deal with that pesky little clip behind the bulb. Here is a picture that may help with that little clip challenge.[attachment=0:3hoph31s]Burgman_Clip_Instructions.jpg[/attachment:3hoph31s]


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The headlight setup was definitely designed by a sadist. The left headlamp is wired to stay on all the time (Australia), with only a single H7 beam. The right only comes on when high beam is selected. I went down to the auto wreckers and scrounged a H4 socket with the 3 wires intact, (the standard only has earth and high beam). I spliced a wire into the +ve lead on the left side and extended that to the low beam terminal on the H4 socket (middle connection) the earth was attached to the left terminal of the H4 socket and the high beam to the right terminal of the H4. Now both beams are on low beam and the right beam comes on for high (standard). I would have preferred to modify the H7 to H4 as well, but that's a job for another day.
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