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Replacement parts for 2006 Burgman 400

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My dad just purchased a burgman 400 off of craiglist yesterday and has me trying to find certain parts that did not come with it, as the previous owner lost them somewhere. The first is on the right side of the bike, right above the stand. there doesnt seem to be any clips of screws and there may not even be a piece that is supposed to go there... The second is on the rear portion of the bike right behind the seat. This looks to be a piece that just clips onto the scooter, I am just having trouble locating it online. Also, he wants me to install speakers onto the bike and was wondering if any of you did a similar project on your burgman... Any help would make my job a lot easier.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts is the cheapest of any of the suppliers there always a few $ cheaper I've gone to roneyers cheap cycle parts and other but partzilla always beats there competitors prices plus the way there system is set up you get a part it will automatically select how many you need for that item most of the other places you have to keep adding so if it calls for 4 then it ads those 4..items I highly recommend them and I'm here to tell you I have purchased plenty from them
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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