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Oil filters that fit the AN650:

Suzuki #16510-34E00 $9

Other filters that fit:
These Oil Filters
have 20 x 1mm threads,
11 psi by-pass valve,
anti-drain back valve. Available filters include:
Fram # PH6018
NAPA Gold 1359
AMSOil SMF 109
EMGO 10-55660
Hi-Flo HF138
K&N 138
NAPA 1359
Purolator ML16818
VESRAH Sf-3007
WIX 51359
Suzuki OEM: 16510-34E00
K&N Oil Filters

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The Burgman 650 uses the same oil filter as both the Bandit 600 and 1200.

Go to the Bandit sites as there have been numerous posts about oil filters.

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Re: motorcycle oil filter cross reference

lifegetter said:
Pepboy sells Purolator ML16818 for $7, compared with $14 for Suzuki OEM.
Note: The Suzuki OEM oil filter for the AN650 seems to have come down in price recently. At my 7500 mile service last week the OEM filter was $9.99. Someone else mentioned paying about $9 for one recently. You can still find less expensive filters, but the price of the OEM is at least moving in the right direction.
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