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I don't own a Burg yet, but very likely I will within the next 3-6 mos. Still researching, still think I want a VFR (love the sound, and its credibility). Have owned 5 bikes to date over the past 35 years (off & on), last one was an '89 GL1500 (that's a Goldwing for those of you in Rio Linda).
Yeah, I'm one of those guys who likes to hear an engine sing, thus I was intrigued when I saw a B650 fitted with a Remus exhaust. Have ridden a 650 was quite impressed, but still kinda reminded me of a BMW in that it's sounded like a sewing machine, sorry, no offense to the Beemer riders.
So..........has anyone heard the Burg with the Remus? Any other comments you have, generally, about the 400 or the 650 I'd greatly appreciate.
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