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Removing passenger backrest?

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I haven't yet tried; I want to move the passenger backrest from my broken 2007 to my current 2007. I saw the "How To" on installing but I'm unsure of where to start on removal.
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Leo38 said:
If it's an OEM backrest, start by removing the pad .
Work your fingers under the lower edge of the pad and gently but firmly pull outwards.
There are 2 pressure fittings that hold the backrest in place.
There's either another another pressure fitting at top, or slide upwards to release.
You can now get to the mounting hardware.
That's the direction I needed. Took less than 20 mins. Thank you.

mike1nw said:
? My 2008 doesn't have a stock passenger backrest. Like to help you but can't. Do you have a photo?
Thanks for checking in.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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