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Sails, a bunch of ways to get them off: one, is simply cut them off if you're sure you're not going to use them again. Another...this is what I do now that I cut the first pair off: take the bar weight ends out, stick a skinny screwdriver up under the handle, squirt something like simple green, or any other cleaning solution up under the screwdriver, start working it around and the grip will loosen up to be pulled off. On the throttle side you have a nylon bushing that has a couple of thin ridges around it on the upper end...I guess Suzuki put these on to keep the grip from sliding off (thats why its easier to cut it off) other purpose that I can see. Trim these off by cutting, sanding, or whatever you feel comfortable doing. Spray your new grips with hair spray, slip on, and let set overnignt. They'll never slip.

I use an aftermarket foam grip that my Suzy dealer ordered for me. Cost about $6. Larger than rubbers ones and really comfortable. Brand name was somthing starting with a "J" Jahar (but don't think its spelled that way). I'd gone thru two other types till I got these.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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