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:confused:hey folks, anyone no where the regulator is located on a 2009 650burg. would like to know so I only have to take off the necessary Tupperware, battery isn't charging and also any suggestions on a aftermarket brand, thanks
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My Admore top case leds have started to flicker. I assumed as did Admore that it was a faulty harness. Replaced harness but it's still not working correctly (actually worse). Adding to that problem, I also purchased an Admore Lightbar which is also exhibiting the same flicker issue. Lights work correctly but once the accelermoter kicks in, the unit goes wonky. Voltage checked the rear running lights which is where both Admore lights (light kit and light bar) are getting power from. Voltage at idle was approx 12.5V but once the engine was revved up, the voltage dropped about 0.5 to 0.75V. A friend of mine who is an installer thinks something is wrong with the voltage supply. Bike keeps charged while riding so I have to assume that the charge level at the battery is well over 12.5V but this matter on the light circuit is of concern . Anyone have any suggestions?
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