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The only way I can swing a new AN650 with the CFO (a.k.a. wife) is to sell my two "real" motorcycles (Virago 750 & Intruder 800).

Are there any other Burgmen out there that sold their motorcycle(s) to ride the AN650 solely? Any regrets or remorse? Guess I'm just looking to pad my male/macho ego.

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I sold a great Suzuki Cavalcade in favor of the 650 Burgman. Had a few twinges at first, but after a week of riding the Burg', I took the 1400 out and was very uncomfortable with the weight, size and handling. Go for it. You'll love it.

I have purchased a 400 and was ready to sell the R80GS BMW Paris Dakar 1981 model (very rare!) if I were going to purchase the 650. So since I decided to purchase the 400 because of it's size and suitability for city travel and cheaper insurance, I will keep the GS. Best to enjoy all of them and besides at least I'll have an off road bike for those logging road trips.

Personally after riding the 650, I would purchase it only if it was going to be my only ride. I really liked it. Side by side comparisons though perswaded me to the 400. It is lighter, cheaper on gas, cheaper insurance, cheaper to purchase and if I want to tour the highways I can still do it with either the GS or the 400. Timothy

i traded a zrx1200r & a sv650 for my an650. however i kept my 8oo intruder. the 650 is the best trip i've been on since about 1967. i have had more people ask about this bike then any other i've owned, and that includes the buell i had.
I have Yamaha Venture Royale, Suzuki Bandit 600 and the Burgman 650.
I'm selling the Venture because of the Burgman.

The Burgman is an absolute blast and smile creator.

I traded my Kawasaki W650 (retro) for an AN650K3.
Without trading, I would not been able to afford license, insurance, garaging for both.

I had to get rid of my 2000 Toyota Tundra SR5. TRD, 4wd and a 95' Geo Metro after I bought the Burgman. Wife said I did not need and couldn't afford 3 vehicles for myself. I traded the Tundra in for a Mazda Protege which I hate. Long story short. Love the Burg' but miss my Toyota truck to the point of tears. :(
:lol: Can hardly wait till spring to sell my 2002 Volusa.Enjoy the 650 Burg so much better.
I ride a 400 also. This winter in Colorado has been mixed. I think I can honestly say that since I got my 400 I've only missed a week of riding it, not because of the cold, mind you - that couldn't keep me off the 400. Only the snow makes it worth getting back into a car. I have a Mazda 3000 and a VW Diesel (impecable handling on this one - a fun machine) and can't bring myself to leave the Burg' behind for the autos. It is the most fun I've had on wheels.

One thing I haven't done is take it for a really long ride (150+ miles). I wonder how it would do?

Go ahead, be a BurgMAN, Mr. SCOOTNVA!

Taking the plung!

Putting my deposit down today on the AN650 ... can't wait!!! Getting a silver one cause I understand they're faster :wink:

Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful riding day in VA. Took the Virago to/from work and I swear that he shed a oil tear. I've owned a cruiser of one type or another since 1984. This is going to be a big change for me, but hopefully a very positive smile inducing change to the Burger side!

Thanks for everyone's input.

Give a waive.

Miket - you will have no problems doing 150 miles or more. We have done 250 in one day, and it took us all day, cos we plan a route that takes in things we want to see, so there is often a lot of stop/start driving. 108 miles is the most we have done non stop, freeway speeds and that was so comfortable.

ScootNVA, so you succumbed to the speed colour, well, we know that the blue bike is cooler. Know that there are some who would like it in red, we have seen the pic, it does look good, but not for us.

Randal and Gail
June 03 Blue :D 650
I sold Piaggio X9 500 almost new (nearly perfect and without defect) to offer the burg 650...
I could not resist!
Just for the record...the blue Burgs are not only cooler, but they handle and stop better. :wink:
Also looks better when clean, It does take more work though to keep it clean than the silver.

I had a 2001 reflex 2 years ago-traded it on a Kawasaki Concours.

Now I am looking at the AN650 AGAIN.

The reflex seemed dangerously slow and underpowered to me.
I am about 230 lbs and commute 80 miles a day. The reflex was straining so hard at 60 mph I was just wearing it out.
The Concours has about twice the power I need but is a beast in traffic and at low speed maneuvers.

Any thoughts
Ed -Williamsburg,Va.

Any Va. 650 OWNERS?
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My thoughts..........Ed the 650 is the beast you seek! :D
just some thoughts,

Your steering head bearings okay on that kawasaki?
And the tire pressures are up far enough? Try a new tire gauge.
Maybe some electrical cables need repositioning at the yoke to free up the feel.
If you adjust/oil the throttle and clutch cables, the bike feels faster at low speeds.
all old bikes gone

I traded my 1500 Intruder for the 650 burger, also had a 03 Goldwing last year. I am so happy with the Burgman I can't tell you. It's fast, as stable as the Goldwing on the road and in the wind. This is my best cycle purchase so far.
sold my 85 wing that i rode for 16 years and bought my burger and it put the fun back in riding . the best improvment i did to the burger was to go to corbin and have them build me a new seat .
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