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Recycled Newbie on a Burgman 1000S

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Hello, all. I'm here under false pretenses, as I am actually riding a SV1000S which I am turning into an ultralight touring bike. Today's wild hair is that I want to get some OEM-looking decals for the sides of the hard cases - the Burgman lettering, and the 1000S lettering. Astoundingly, I can't find any on fleabay. Ideas? Potshots?

[attachment=0:2wspv23k]SV with bags small.jpg[/attachment:2wspv23k]


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Hmmmm :roll:
Seems to be a few varieties here on FleaBay: decals&clk_rvr_id=473021049757
....and of course any Suzuki dealer can order the OEM decals for you. :wink:
Good Luck with your project! :thumbup:
Maybe this might be of help as well, Here is a web site where you can have you own numbers or letters or names made for you they can make it into any size or shape you want along with color and so may other things, I just ordered two double numbers for a friends car to go on the side, Big nascar fan, any ways hope this will helpful for you, Happy trails and ride safe. Zack :thumbup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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