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I'm just taking my '07 Burgman 650 out of storage in preparation for a trip. It's been in a storage unit for about three years.

At the minimum I was going to have the following performed:

  • Oil change
  • Gas Line inspection
  • tires
  • battery
  • Some plastics that need replacing
Yes to all of the above. You don't say how many miles on the bike. It may make a difference.

While you're looking at the tires, ask yourself how many miles are on the brakes? Might as well make sure the pads are good, while you're there.

The battery is straightforward. If it holds a charge, good, otherwise a new one is in order.Drain the gas tank, if necessary and start with fresh fuel. Don't forget the radiator. Drain it and replace the coolant.

Once you get it running, let it warm up, add a can of Seafoam and go for a ride around the block. That stuff works wonders at cleaning the accumulated crud from the fuel system after a bike has been stored.

That is all pretty straightforward (routine) maintenance. You may not need a dealer. Consult LeDude's page on how to do these operations. It isn't hard if you have tools.

What I'm wondering is:

  1. whether it's safe to start and ride to service,
  2. if I should get it towed instead
  3. if three years in storage without being started means I've done irreparable damage to the bike.
If you go over the bike and the battery is sound, you probably don't need to see a dealer. If it starts, ride it and don't worry about it.

Scott Fraser
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