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Rear Drive oil change on 400.

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Anyone got a diagram or something on how to change oil on the final drive
of the 400? Also, how much oil, and what type?
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This is the instructions from the shop manual. I do not have a way to copy the photos.

Put bike on the center stand. Remove the left side leg shield (lower plastic piece under the floor boards). Remove the clutch cover. There are two plugs on the lower rear of the rear end. The lower one is the drain plug, the other is the inspection/fill hole.

Service interval 7,500 miles (12,000 km)
Oil – SAE 10w-40 with SF or SG
6.42 US oz or 190ml for a oil change

Good luck
Be carefull with oil grades listed in manuals as final drive oil is allmost allways Hypoid SAE90...

My Burgman 250 manual also states " Transmission oil is 10w40 " but shows final drive leg in the picture, and under service instrustions states Hypoid SAE90 gear oil in final drive (like in diffs and manual gearboxes)

I have just done 1,000klm service on the weekend and can 100% say final drive oil is Hypoid 90, you can smell the difference gear oil stinks and has thicker texture you will know the difference when you feel and smell it.

So have both oils ready.

Rgds Greg ...
Greg, you are right the manual states 10w-40 transmission sub set of the final gear oil section of periodic maintenance and states SAE 90 hypoid gear oil in the general information section. Since your post, I recall a discussion on another site about this difference. I am going to research those posts. SAE 90 hypoid does sound right. What does the owners manual say?

The owner manual that you get with your bikescooter

Engine oil 10w40
Transmission oil 10w40 (there is no transmission oil)
Final drive oil Hypoid SAE90

Just goes to show that you need common scents when reading any service manual, and not to believe every word in them.

As an example my manual requires me to remove the trunk case (storage box under seat)
Remove :-
Both under skirts
Side skirt that run up the side just under seat line
Rear passager back rest and cowling
All this to get to 2 bolts that hold the storage box at the rear
And all of this just to remove 1 air cleaner bolt and breather hose from rear air cleaner box

When all I did is pull back the edge of the storage box and inserted extension bar down to remove bolt, and remove breather hose from rear of rear wheel arch.

So thats what all that wormy stuff is in your head is for, think about it and use it.

Have a very merry 1

Rgds Greg ...
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I looked at the past discusion on the Burgman site and also called a friend with a 400 owner's manual, the oil type is as you stated in your last post:

"Engine oil 10w40
Transmission oil 10w40 (there is no transmission oil)
Final drive oil Hypoid SAE90"

I made a note in my service manual. Thanks for reminding us.
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