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Yesterday I finally had some me time (meaning me and my scooter)..

I was finally able to tackle the job of adjusting the valves.

I determined the intake/exhaust valves, I had current specs and was ready to proceed with service manual in tow.

However, when i finally was able to see/touch the valve area, I was a bit confused on what needed to happened. I used my feeler gauge and wasn't able to slide the correct size thru the valves (none of them, they were all "closed", if you will).

I even watched the video on-line of micbergsma performing the job. I wasn't 100% sure if i was supposed to be able to slide the feeler blade all the way thru the valve clearance. I made the decision that I needed complete valve clearance, so i loosened the valve tappet and proceeded to adjust to .10mm on intake and .20mm on exhaust (figured it was in the middle of the tolerances allowed by Suzuki).

I put everything back together and I'm currently in the process on putting ALL the parts back on the bike. BUT, I have this sinking feeling I did something wrong. I don't know why, I just do.. I guess I'm unsure. I followed everything to a "T" and felt everything went ok.. but I still am not confident.

I think its because, for the most part, the scooter ran well. I have my "stalling" issue at idle (which I'm hoping this will help fix), but when I ride at 60mph on the highway, it rides like a dream. How could this be if the valves were that "out of whack"?

Anyway, I just wanted some reaffirmation from someone who may have done the job. When I was researching this on the forum, it appeared many people said they check their valves and they didn't need any adjustment. So, that may be reason for the doubt I have. The scooter does have 30,000 miles on it.. so maybe mine was just due...

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Did you made sure you had the piston oriented correctly at top dead center on the compression stroke. Did you let the engine sit without running it overnight to make sure it was cold. If you did and you still could not get even your thinnest feeler gauge to slide through then your valves were way to tight.

With luck you caught it before you burned a valve.
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