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I'm tired of buying things on the internet that don't fit, too small, too large, don't work. not practical, ETC.

When you live in a small town it's hard to find things in the local stores. Sure, they can order things for you but then you're back to the same problem.

I'm thinking of buying an Aqua Box for my Garmin 1490LMT GPS. I have never seen one up close. People tell me they are big and ugly. I would like to mount it on my RAM reservoir with the ball on the inside. Will it clear the Clearview windshield? Is the wiring going to be a problem? I would hate to buy it just to find out!

I did find out one of the problems users had with this item has been solved. I actually called the company that makes them.The RAM company moved the three raised molding pips out to the periphery of the usable screen.

If any Burgman 650 owners have one of these units mounted and are happy with it please let me know.
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