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vfdcaptain said:
Hi everyone,

While doing some research for some motorcycle accessories, I came upon this review for waterproof motorcycle gloves. :shock:

Brian (in Seattle), these might be the answer to your cold, wet hands problem that you mentioned in a previous posting.

I am going to track down a pair and try them out this winter. :)
I've had waterproof leather gloves and the biggest problem with them is that the Hypora layer is under the leather. That means that in a heavy rain, the gloves soak up a lot of water and get really heavy. Most of us all-year riders are now using man-made-fabric gloves for bad weather like the HJC that you can get in most bike shops. I have a pair of snowmobile gloves that are waterproof and much warmer than any motorcycle glove. I got them from Canadian Tire for about $20.00. So far this year I haven't needed them with the Givi shield on my Burger. It was down to -1 C yesterday and the HJC gloves were warm enough.
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