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Rain deflector

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Anyone knows where I can find one? It's obligatory. You cant drive on wet highways without get dirty...especially the passanger!! (your first date, etc...)
Has Anybody useing one already? It's efficient?
Aprreciate a quick response, because the winter is almost over...
Thanks in advance.
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I also thought that all 04's have these. Look for a black hunk of plastic just behind where the foot of the kickstand is when it is folded up.

The kickstand was the culprit that was diverting water up at the rider. So there is no need for this piece on the right hand side of the scooter.
Bill and Paul,

I do have one on the kickstand side, but I thought I might need one on the other side too. Thanks for the information. Clyde thanks you too. :lol:

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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