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Rain deflector on B400

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Whats with the rain deflector I read about. Is it necessary? I have seen other posts talking about it. I searched Ron Ayers website someone mentioned and and can not find anything about it. I do not ride in the rain much but have had to a few times. Bring on the info fellow burgies. Thanks Mark
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The rain deflector is an AN650 part - it is not for the AN400. It eliminates a spray from the 650 sidestand that was occuring on earlier models.
Could this rain deflector guard the side panel from damage from a tip-over?
I just picked up the rain deflector for the 650 from my dealer ($12.00).

Where on the Burgie does it go? I know left side somewhere around the sidestand.

Any help would be appreciated!

There's some pictures of the rain deflector installed at :
You may also want to read the thread below as it has some good tips on installing the rain deflector.
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