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Does anyone know of a stereo made for the Burgman...or any radio that will conveniently fit. Somewhere I saw a radio tucked under the seat that had a remote . I presume that any radio with a remote will work, but where do you put the speakers so you can hear them. Any information would be appreciated.
A Fox
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:) Hi, I installed a radio on my 650 like Lonnies with wired remote I also
installed 4inch speakers,made covers from 4 inch pvc pipe end caps,top
cover was made with 4 inch plastic drain covers. Primed and painted with
black plastic spray paint.Installed over grills on each side of dash cover.
Looks and sounds great.Bought speaker covers from Lowes.

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See photos of my radio setup at:
See PHOTOS and select AM-FM-MP3-CB folder

Pyramid Sound Corp makes the waterproof 100 watt 4 inch
speakers ( with grill ) that fits my radio shelf perfectly. I painted
them black to match the bike, and mounted them to the radio shelf
with a U-Bracket, made from aluminum bar stock. The U-Bracket is
screwed to the plastic magnet enclosure with tiny wood screws. Inexpensive waterproof speakers are extremely hard to find.

Photos of this speaker are located at:

JC Whitney carries these speakers for $19.99 ( 2 speakers in a box )
catalog number 37-9346N. These speakers are NOT in the JC Whithey on-
line catalog, and must be ordered via telephone order.

>The Radio Shelf consists of a standard aluminum bar stock 1 1/2
> inches wide, which spans the handlebars just in front of the
> hydraulic brake cups, and is held in place by velcro AND zip-
> ties. The last 1 inch of the bar stock is slightly bent and cut to
> clear the brake fluid cups. A hole is drilled at each end of the
> shelf for a 11 inch zip-tie to wrap around the handlebars. This bar
> has plenty of space left to mount a GPS and radar detector.
> I built a container for the car radio with aluminum angle stock and
> aluminum sheet metal, and held together with pop-rivets. Any
> size car radio fits neatly between the handlebars. The radio
> enclosure is mounted to the 1 1/2 inch shelf with hinges. Hinges
> the radio to be raised to get at the wiring. Hinges are pop riveted
> to the shelf and to the radio housing.
> The wiring harness shown in the photo contains speaker wires, +12
> Volts Battery from the cooling fan fuse, accessory power and ground
> from the behind the cigar lighter socket. Wiring harness also
> contains the CB antenna wire which is routed down behind the front
> wheel splash guard and under the bike to the rear mounted CB
> The CB radio mounts under the AM-FM-MP3 radio via aluminum angle
> stock pop riveted to the radio housing.
>The Maxim 40 channel 5 watt CB was purchased at WalMart for $29,
> and the AM-FM-MP3 is a Panasonic #CQ-DFX683U obtained from Circuit
> City for $189. This radio plays both CD-R and CD-RW CD's equally
> well. Each CD plays approx 10 hours of music.
> The setup works extremely well during my testing, and the waterproof
> speakers were easily heard at highway speeds with my
> helmet on. I was skeptical of the speakers at first, but they ended
> up working A-OK.
> Future expansion plans:
>hooking all of this up to an intercom. I just ordered the MOTOCOMM >Audio Boss intercom system from ... adsets.htm

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