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radial tires?

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My owner's manual for my '08 400 shows to use Bridgestone Hoops, but doesn't show the "R" designation for radial tires.

So, can I use radials? Does it make a difference?

Warning- Dark Side question. >> Because modern 13" car tires are radials.
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If I could get radial's for the 400 I would fit them but as far as I know you cant get one for the rear,
and it's not recommended to fit one on the front and crossply on the back.
When radials first came i Renault fitted them to I think it was the Renault 8 these were rear engine'd rear wheel drive
and the rear tires wore out first, people then fitted cheaper cross ply's the driver getting better front end grip drove faster than
the rears could handle and the car would swap ends sometimes disastrously, the car got a reputation for evil handling
but it was more to do with cheap skate drivers fitting a bad mix of tires.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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