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Hello Forum,

The one thing I don't know is when Suzuki changed something with the transmission to get rid of that strange noise - like defective valves - that many early Burgmans had (I had a 2003 Burgman 650 that sounded dangerous).

Does somebody here know when the transmission stopped having this noise, and is there anything else that needs to be looked at with such an Executive?

It would be great if I could get some helpful tips here.

Thanks and greetings, desertman
The 02,03 and 04 had an adapter that bolted on to the CVT's input shaft. It was Pi$$ Pour designed and was way too short for the fit. It chattered like a diesel truck. In 05 and up, they did away with the adapter on the CVT side and made the flywheels inner splines smaller to fit the CVT's input shaft naked but added a adapter on the left side with a longer bolt. This fixed a lot of the noise and wear issues. There is an adapter made in Poland that is exactly what Suzuki should have done from the start. The Polish Adapter is about $250. Thanks Mike.Read about it here:
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