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I have a spare 2.5 gallon tank which I am looking to "hang" off of the passenger seat on the "inside" of the bike. Since I have the tupperware off on that side, I thought I would at least buy the hose and connectors now and install them with a plug to avoid having to go through all of that later on. Now here are my questions:
- What is the diameter of the hose from the tank to the fuel inlet? I am thinking a 1/4" but I want to be sure to avoid a couple of round trips.
- I am guessing that the check valve on the hose from the tank to the inlet is to prevent backwash from the inlet back. If that is the case, would it be better to splice a T before the check valve (between the tank and the valve) versus after?
- Does that valve really serve a useful purpose?

Opinions are greatly welcome. I am planning to get the supplies and install this weekend.



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Having dealt with a fuel tank installation before I can give you a few of the resources I've got on the subject. There's a tutorial in the knowledgeable located here that shows my installation ->
and a thread here too -> viewtopic.php?p=423105#p423105

To answer your questions:
-The breather line on the side of the fuel filler tube is 1/4" id fuel line.
-The check valve is in line to allow air to enter the tank as the fuel drains without having it backwash out to the ground, so you are correct in this. It's only purpose is to keep it a closed system without venting to atmosphere. As per the rest, see the attached diagrams and information in the linked threads and tutorial (being updated per drawing).
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