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I've had my Clearview XXL with Vent on my Burgman 650 standard for a few years. It's experienced one short blast of 90+ MPH. It's also experienced some cross and then quartering winds of 50-60 MPH while I was riding at around that same speed because the cold front bringing in some heavy rains along with those winds.

So far it's been doing extremely good. I purchased my Clearview XXL with Vent at the time when they had experienced problems with cracking at the mounting points with the XXL model being used on the 650 Executives and people operating them at freeway speeds in the highest position. I got one of the first XXL models that received the thicker area in the bottom part of the windshield around the mounting bolt locations. At that same time Clearview eliminated the XXL option for the Burgman 650 Executive.

So if you properly tighten the mounting bolts. Then I don't foresee you having any cracking problems.

Happy Scøøterïng!

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