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Question on givi topcase?

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Dose anyone out there know who posted the pictuers in the gallery on page 13. Givi top case mounting instuctions. They were very helpful to me. However still one question remains. There was a small piece of plastic called an anti theif device. I'm not sure where it goes. Or how it goes on, works for that matter. Any help would be appreciated.
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doug collins said:
Dose anyone out there know who posted the pictuers in the gallery on page 13. Givi top case mounting instuctions.
SilverBurgie did.

May I venture that you follow this link and look at my pics they may be of help.


In my explanatory text beneath the pics I refer to the the 'anti-theft' device as a 'security' device. :)
:cheers: Thanks Norman I just put on the anti-thft cap. The only thing I can see is it must keep somebody from messing with the latch. Thus the name anti-thft cap. :D I sure like the way that thing goes on & off. At your own wim. I can take that thing off & carry it around like a suit case. :D
With the trunk off the bike, push the black plastic anti theft plug up into the rear space where the trunk snaps and locks on the mount. This prevents someone from reaching up into the latch with a screwdriver and dislodging the trunk from the bike. Make sure you push it in all the way unitl you hear a snap. If not, it will fall out on the first bump.
Thanks Don. By the way welcome to the forum. :hello1: How's the weather up in N.Y., It's been doing a lot of raining around here. I work thur the week & It;s hard to get any rideing time in. :roll: It's driveing nut's. :evil:
Hi Doug, You probably do not want to hear this but my wife and I are wintering in Florida so we are riding every day. Don Fuzzy
:pukeright: You were right, I didn't want to hear that. :sunny: But I did have to ask. :cry: I hope you two have a great time in the sun. Think about us other poor slobs that have too put up with all this rain & cold weather. 8) I'm better off hear in Arkansas, compared to people like paul jo, & allwalk. Who have lay out the winter. I get to ride every secound or thrid weekend. Maybe this weekend. It suspose to up in the 50's. I know that's not Flordia weather. But it's not bad for here. I really do hope you all have a great time down there. Ride safe & watch the other guy. With eyes wide open all the time. 8)
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