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Dear Covert:

An interesting comment from one the shop guys in NH....

" I have some vague feelings of discomfort regarding the long term viability of the AN650's transmission, when used at maximum loads, as in two up riding, and touring loaded. Especially when getting off from a standing start."

He would not really elaborate further when pressed...he just said ' long term viability doubts".

Your thoughts?

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That 650 transmission is made to take a beating.

Tested 650 for 4200 miles and it just got stronger.

After 1200 miles it developed a faint tick...tick...tick sound from tranny
after started cold on center stand but sound would go away after warmup ride.

After 1000 or so ODO miles, silverish strands of goo came out of tranny after dropping
10-40 (Kawachem) and it would lose minute amounts of tranny oil
over 500 miles riding with no visible leak.
There is another recent post here about disintegrating bearings at tranny
requiring full teardown tranny work under warranty.
I traded my 650 for the 400 (2/04) and the dealer didn't know how
to ask about tranny so I didn't bring it up.

The 400 tranny looks like a plastic lightweight but it uses same engine oil
and doesn't require separate casings to be drained and filled like 650.
AN400 will coast with no engine braking feel like 650 when coming to a stop.

The AN650 Power Mode is so low ratio that it jumps off a line if you want it to.
2-up riding requires a little more throttle off line, that's all.
Rear passenger would have too many G's if Power Mode used
to beat cars and other bikes anyway.

Tranny braking while 2-up is very smooth (>400 lbs) but single rider tranny braking
is an unpredictable sensation that slows too fast below 15mph.
I used a little throttle when slowing down to stay with other cars
slowdown rates (no brake light on tranny braking down to 10mph- be careful).

I'm waiting for a company to offer new clutch spring for AN650
to give centrifugal action a more friendly feel.
AN650 will abruptly launch forward when rpm's go past 1800 - stock.
If new clutch spring could allow engagement below 1500 rpm's with
benefit of braking only down to 15 mph, the bike would have better
ergonomic feel at slow speed stop and go situations.

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i agree with ajwood that the 650 tranny makes wierd noises especially the screeching sound at low speeds and i also agree that it is a very durable transmission. the belt is according to suzuk supposed to last the lifetime of the bike...i personally feel that as questionable due to the fact that each individual has a different perspective on what the life of a vehicle should be. however the 650 is the only "scooter" i know of that the manufacturer has claimed this about the belt. as far as the bad bearing incident i feel that was most likely an isolated case as no one else has had this problem. i have also noticed the silver color in the transmission oil when i would change it but honesly ill have to research why this happens but has not caused any problem to this day. the real check for me is u will notice that the drain plugs have a magnet in the center to catch any metal shavings from the wear of the long as i dont see continuing metal shavings then i assume the parts are getting proper lubrication as most of the shavings should be seen at beak in. i have not noticed any less amont of oil in the tranny occuring...will have to observe that as well. in my personal opinion the only problem i forsee with the 650 is the high cost in the future of replacing parts due to the fact its one of the most high tech bikes out there with a lot of electronics involved. personal experience so far is i have over 6000 miles on mine and i had a problem with the cam chain tensioner...fixed under warranty along with the primary pulley shaft adapter which was causing a rattling sound. the cam chain tensioner also seems to be an isolated case as well. no matter what bike you decide on there is always some kind of problem that is developed or noticed, especially on a relatively new model vehicle such as the burgman line.

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ajwood said:
After 1200 miles it developed a faint tick...tick...tick sound from tranny
after started cold on center stand but sound would go away after warmup ride.
Yes, we know this problem as well here in Germany.

I had a bad time at my dealers-repair-office at 3.500 kilometers.
I really didn´t know the english word for the damage, so i write it in
german: Steuerkettenspanner.
The translation-software calls it: Open-loop system tension adjuster.
This little part costs only a few Euros. It made terrible noice.
The other possible chance will be inside the transmission. There is a bar
inside the transmission, which has a production failure.
Ask your SUZUKI dealer about this spezial problem.

Nearly about 20 members of our forum are having the same failure.

I hope I can help you all a little.
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