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Having learned to ride in the hills of middle Tennessee, I picked up on a lot of experience. I am almost always faster and more comfortable going up hill. Gravity might have a bit to do with it as your tires are pressing harder on an up hill incline plane as opposed to unloading on a down hill. Every ridden a roller coaster, same effect.

If it is your first time up or down a hill, go slow, read the road, and determine the line. If you will just be passing through, I find the posted corner speed limit signs are a good rule of thumb in the USA, they usually are conservative, and safe.

Stay off the rear brake in a down hill corner, especially most definitely and with out a doubt period . I recently entered a corner (first time on it too) way to fast, and I missed an important warning sign. It was a down hill decreasing radius left. If I had touched the brakes I would be in the hurt box. After the parts quit scraping, I pushed on full left counter steer and stayed on the road by using the tiny bit of pavement outside of the white line.

Here is a link if your are interested.


Be safe my friends.
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