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Some rules of thought come to mind...
1. Never count on the blind portion of the corner to be clear. You could have a vehicle parked so the occupants can scatter to take pictures, rocks or sand, or even a descending radius curve.
2. Look to the exit, or as far as you can see. Your bike will follow your eyes.
3. Don't exceed the speed you can safely handle the bike within that sight distance.

You have some advantages in taking corners fast going uphill. If you get in trouble, backing off the throttle on the 400 is smooth and won't upset the balance or grip of the bike. You'll stop in a much shorter distance than if going on level ground. Going downhill presents a different issue. If you are going down a steep hill on a 400, chances are you will lose your engine braking. The brakes will hold you though even down some really steep hills. Your weight distribution is now way out of wack. The rear will be light and will lock up if you grab it hard enough. The key is to keep your speed under control following those ideas above. If you do, you won't load the front too much.

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