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Man, I've learned a lot since I saw my first maxi-scooter. My first day out, I went to my local Ron Ayers and they had a SilverWing and a Burgman 650 in stock. I was convinced at that point that I would not get a motorcycle as I originally planned, but a phat scooter. The prices however, were a burden, plus I wanted a black one. The 650 was silver, and the Wing was maroon (ugh). :( I was convinced at that point, that I would buy a new black Honda Reflex. My only concern was my weight. I visited another motorsports dealer and they had a black Burgman 650. I felt that it was a sign from GOD! I got on it, however, and the size spooked me. That's when I started searching on EBAY. Concerns (price, color, size, and locality or (ability to ship)). I bidded on a black Reflex in NJ, and on two blue Burgman 400's. I was bidding on the one I ended up with and was outbidded. I had moved to bidding on another, but the guy who outbid me somehow did not qualify and I won my Burgie. It was shipped for free to Raleigh which is 75 miles from me. A GoldWing friend of mine lent me his motorcycle trailer and the rest is history or is in the gallery. There were other great stories like how the shipper would not lend me any tools to uncrate the bike and how I got it tied down on the motorcycle trailer all by myself. I'll save those stories for another time. :lol:
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