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Progressive Suspension Rear Shocks

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Modded a New Pair of Progressive Suspension Rear shocks today, they are Nitrogen filled shocks with progressive wound springs.

These Rear Progressive suspension shocks were for a 1986' GL1200 Goldwing.

Started off by Cutting the bottom mounting lug off, 90deg. bend in 3-16" x 1" steel plate,and put a cap plate, then welded to bottom of shock, Painted.

Started at about 2:00 done at about 4:00.

I have only sat on the bike i have not ridden it yet as I am tired had dinner and now it is rest time.

i took some picture's, i will post them soon as i can.

removed my Goldwing air shocks as they were both leaking ATF down the shocks, my bike had a Very nice ride with the Goldwing air shocks but the were leaking, so now they will be a backup pair for the Suzy 650, I will have to go through them when i can and clean them and check all seals and replace what is bad.
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Yes, pictures please ! :thumbup:
Silver shocks are the old Honda ones. He is showing the required end changes for the progressive to fit a burgman. :cheers:
Redundant post. Sorry
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