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I bought one from this dealership

Hey guys,
New member here. I spent weeks researching the Burger on the web and locally, I am an avid ebayer. I too saw the ad on ebay, and since I live in Dayton, OH and my local dealers were trying to sell the AN400K3's for $5595 + tax my eyes poped :shock: when I saw their price. I called and spoke w/Jon he is a really great guy, wel to make a long story short I bought one. I paid $4961.88 OTD incl. OH sales tax. I am remodeling contractor, so very busy at this time of year and I was unable to make the trip accross the state to pick up my new ride. Jon delivered my Burger on his day off (2 1/2 drive) for $20. He brought all the nessessary paperwork and a 30 day tag. I paid cash so no finance paperwork to deal with. Bottom line: these guys are legit, very friendly and responsive, and offering on smokin deal!
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