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I don't get it, how a Suzuki dealership stays in contractual agreement
with Suzuki about establishing a territory then goes out and let's buyers "mail-order" bikes over the phone.

To have American Suzuki honor a warranty activation at setup/delivery time,
the dealer must prep the bike and submit the form to Suzuki, that it all
has been done properly.

Let's say that you phone a dealer in West Virginia:
The dealer is hungry for some sales to the degree that they'll compromise
their contract to get incentives and column discounts later from Suzuki.
The more bikes they "sell" the more discounts and incentives they're
entitled to from Suzuki.
The consumer is stuck with an MSO (no motor vehicle title) and has no
warranty claim VIN submitted to American Suzuki.
The state of West Virginia then gets used (unknowingly) as middle ground
for the distribution of motor vehicles by a "retailer" that thinks that they're
getting it both ways. The WV Department of Tax and Revenue sees
"retail" and you the buyer see "deal".

It could very well be that Suzuki is also looking the other way in order
to "pad" unit sales figures (reports to Japan) to line their own pockets too.
The more bikes Suzuki dumps on the market, the more service and service contracts
consumers buy along with parts and service manuals too.
Both the US State Department and Department of Commerce look at
unit numbers submitted by importers.

In an Anti-Trust scenario, Yamaha and Honda could bring suit if a
"contract-less" distribution takes place with a competitor that floods
a market with anti-competition.


Somehow "I told you so" just doesn't seem to say it.
- Spooner

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Yes I was doing the imagined dirty deal where everyone is on the take.

We've got a discounter here in Tucson called Arizona Honda.
I bought a left-over '96 Valkyrie from them in 2000 for the price of a 2000 Shadow.

I couldn't talk them down from MSRP on a Silverwing last year so
apparently everything isn't price slashed.
I'm happy that the S'wing deal didn't go through.
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