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Pre-owned AN 400

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I found a 2003 pre-owned Burgman 400 with 925 miles on it. The 600 miles servicing was done by the dealer. It comes with a carrier that mounts on the back of a motorhome or pickup which goes for around $400. I can get it for $4000. Does that sound like a good price. Thanks for the input.

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Pre-owned 400

Go for it!!!
If you pass.
I want it :lol:
The price for the bike alone is fine, even if you never use the carrier you can sell it.
That sounds like a great deal to me too!

It sounds like a good deal to me. I just checked Kelly Blue Book value (for your area) and it list retail for the bike at $4490. With the carrier, I say a very good deal.
pre-owned 400

Wally, go for it....I just became a 2 family 400 one for my wife as we didnt really enjoy 2-up as well as running single. I got a 03' blue 400 for $4300 otd price plus 25% off accessories and 2 free oil changes with only 200 miles on it. A lady traded it back in for a 650 [her husband has a goldwing] they also changed oil and checked valve adjustment. I couldnt turn it down . 2 dealers quoted me from 5400 to 5700 for left over new 400's. safe riding eyes5002
Go for it. When I bought my 650, it was two months old, had 1,000 miles on it, had the 600 mile service and I saved $1,500. I am glad I made the purchase.
Thanks for all the feedback. I'm picking up the 400 this Sunday morning and can't wait to go for a ride. Rode a Honda 750 for years, so this will be a new experience.


Congratulations (in advance) on purchasing your preloved Burgman 400. Look forward to hearing your comments on it. I'm sure you have a blast riding it.
Excellent news Wally! Enjoy!
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