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Well yesterday I actually met up with a local Lardy rider.

I had taken a break on my ride for a 'nice cup of tea' and admire the panoromic vista of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight from the vantage point offered at Portsdown Hill.

Anyways, a couple of moments later in rolls another blue Lardy.

I went over and said hello of course, traded stories and background. He has been a visitor to this site and was very kind in saying I did not look my avatar (but it is only a matter of time :wink: ).

Funny thing was he lives a few blocks away from me - and we had never 'bumped' into each other.

His Lardy looked pretty cool with chrome garnish up front, a chrome exhaust cover and a Suzuki rack.

If you are still Lurking here GARY - sign up and join the clan! :)
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